The Man Who Can Play Any Song (Mike Estabrook) | JAG Cast #134

The Man Who Can Play Any Song (Mike Estabrook) | JAG Cast #134

It's a new year and the PIC are starting it off with a banger of an episode featuring the Thursday night Broken Goblet legend himself, Mike Estabrook! A staple of the Goblet for many years now, the host of both a regular request show and new open mic, he talks everything from making his way in the music business while holding down a day job, using iPads and QR codes to facilitate a 1,500 song request repertoire, and even being a closet cat influencer on Instagram! Plus, Mike drops some secret info on his upgraded acoustic show in the brand new Broken Goblet Mixing Room and the second-half of the show is dedicated to a brand new A Game Called Something! New questions! New answers! New fun! There is so much packed into this episode, you're sure to find something enjoyable. As a New Year's gift, stay until the end to hear Chrissie tell the tale of how a cat moved ITSELF into her house! Grab a Bubba's Tea, sit back and enjoy our wide ranging conversation with the one and only Mike Estabrook.

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━ Chapters ━━━━━━━━━━━
00:00:00 Intro Theme
00:00:33 Introductions
00:02:32 Welcome Mike Estabrook
00:04:17 Balancing a job, life, and music
00:05:38 Mike's Thursday night gig at Broken Goblet (9 years!)
00:07:17 1,500 songs!!??
00:09:52 Mike's on-stage tech stack (iPad Pro + Google Voice)
00:14:49 Being an IT Pro who doesn't have a PC, just an iPad!
00:20:22 Talking about beer & music at Broken Goblet
00:24:19 Mike's upgraded acoustic show & open mic in the new BGob Mixing Room
00:37:41 A Game Called Something! (NEW AND IMPROVED!)
00:39:19 AGCS: What is the worst haircut you've ever had?
00:43:14 AGCS: Do you have a favorite physical activity?
00:50:49 AGCS: What is something you miss from childhood?
01:07:45 Where to find more Mike Estabrook!
01:08:44 Mike's a cat influencer!?
01:09:26 A cat moved itself into Chrissie's house!
01:12:00 Mike's cat influencer Instagram
01:14:22 The Wrap-Up
01:16:06 Outro Theme

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Mike's Home on the InterWebs

Find cat influencer videos and more at Mike's Instagram

Broken Goblet Brewing

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