Welcome to the JAG

The Jenkintown Arts Garage (aka the "JAG") is the brainchild of Miss Chrissie Emma and Stephen Tolton. After partnering in 2018, the dynamic duo dabbled in organizing a variety of music and dance collaborative events they called "Happenings," that centered on interesting pairings of local musicians with dancers, hosted at Jenkintown Dance Arts. In the fall of 2020, an opportunity arose for the partners in crime to create a dedicated space where they could expand upon and iterate on their ideas.

During the pandemic, the Jenkintown Arts Garage hosted a variety of outdoor events including open mics, a movie night, trivia, and more. But, with the re-opening of the world came far better options for indoor and outdoor entertainment. The era of the physical Garage has passed and we are now focusing on the future as a digital media publication exploring the intersection of the arts and technology.

JAG Cast

The podcast of the Jenkintown Arts Garage, "JAG Cast," has evolved into a bi-weekly video show where we converse with interesting people from the worlds of music, business, technology, and more. We highlight arts and venues you should know about in the Philadelphia region as well as explore how technology is enabling and shaping the production of new and exciting forms of artistic expression. Check out the complete catalog and subscribe in audio form at JAGCast.show or subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch our ever growing playlist of video episodes.

The Future

Beyond the JAG Cast, we sometimes create fun independent videos like our famous 7 Wonders of Jenkintown short film. This website is our home base on the Internet where we hope to host a growing collection of interesting and valuable content from written posts to videos to apps and anything else that we think is worth your attention. We want to explore how technology is a force multiplier for human creativity and production. Referencing one of Steve's eponymous heroes, Steve Jobs, we want to explore the many varied ways that technology can be "a bicycle for the mind."

If any of that sounds interesting to you, please consider subscribing to not only receive our free newsletter, but also get access to appropriate members-only content when it's published. If you choose a paid membership tier, your subscription is what makes our work possible and allows the JAG to continue to exist. Thank you!