How to Survive an Alien Invasion | JAG Cast #131

How to Survive an Alien Invasion | JAG Cast #131

The PIC saw some UFOs! Really! After discussing the lights in the sky and since Steve can't stop thinking about the Hulu movie, "No One Will Save You," he thought it would be fun to try to poorly explain the plot to Chrissie in order to learn some tips for surviving the apparently imminent alien invasion of Jenkintown. Along the way, Steve kind of reviews the film, but mostly it's just Chrissie being confused while Steve rants and raves and it's all pretty entertaining (hopefully)! The movie WILL BE SPOILED! You've been warned!

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━ Video Chapters ━━━━━━━━━━━
00:00 Intro Theme
00:34 Introductions
01:35 UFOs over Jenkintown!
06:07 Discussing "No One Will Save You" Movie
46:57 The Wrap-Up
49:00 Outro Theme

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