Catching Up With Cara Cartney | JAG Cast #125

Catching Up With Cara Cartney | JAG Cast #125

The PIC are joined by returning guest, Cara Cartney for a laughter-filled conversation about her Jagged Little Pill performance, the craziness of First Fridays, whether Cara is living in a Final Destination Film, performing Barbie Girl, playing System of a Down on a Uke, and much more! Cara Cartney is a brilliant performer with excellent stage presence and even more impressive vocals. You can catch her regularly at First Friday at Broken Goblet among other places. This episode is very conversational, a little disorganized, and full of funny moments. Multiple segments include photos and screen shares, so you definitely want to experience it in video form, if possible.

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━ Video Chapters ━━━━━━━━━━━
00:00 Intro Theme
00:33 Introductions
01:41 Welcome Back, Cara Cartney!
03:25 Jagged Little Pill with The Seven Band (Photos!)
12:38 The Seven Band is Amazing (Photos!)
16:02 Why Cara Loves Alanis Morrisette
19:04 The First Friday Experience
24:16 Is Cara Living a Final Destination Film?
26:35 Barbie Girl
28:00 System of a Down, "Forest," on the Ukulele
28:58 Gobletstock 9 - Hop Suey
31:51 We Are Getting Old
36:56 The "Giant Pink Pickle" & Other Mysteries (Photos!)
42:00 Children Love Cara, but Have Weird Musical Tastes (Photos!)
46:45 Chrissie's Technology Struggles
48:05 Cara's Wrap-up & ChatGPT Bio
53:53 The Wrap-Up
56:05 Outro Theme & Cara's Tag

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Find more Cara at her website!
Broken Goblet Brewing is the best live music venue around!
Go out and see The Seven Band!
Stranger Than Normal band can be found on the Facebook!
Dom & Jessie are all about "Summer All Year." Check them out!
Listen to some great Alt & modern rock from Broad Street Appeal:
Have a child that wants learn dance? Check out JDA!

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