Getting Stuff Done as a Small Business Owner | JAG Cast #123

Getting Stuff Done as a Small Business Owner | JAG Cast #123

This time, Miss Chrissie is Steve's guest on her own pod to talk about how she manages to run her crazy life as a small business owner and mom. Learn how Chrissie uses a tiny bit of discipline along with some specific analog and digital tools to keep herself organized and motivated day-to-day as well as monthly and quarterly! This is a short and sweet episode that has some valuable productivity tips for anyone who wants to get organized, but doesn't know how to start.

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━ Video Chapters ━━━━━━━━━━━
00:00 Opening Theme
01:22 Introductions
02:41 Chrissie Dumps Her Brain
08:14 Chrissie Picks Her Top 3
09:40 Chrissie Plans Projects
11:44 Chrissie's Sticky Notes
14:08 Chrissie's Motivational Slogans
17:12 How Did Chrissie Come Up With This System?
18:14 Using Digital Calendars to Communicate Schedules
21:51 Using Apple Notes For Collaboration
23:20 Using Trello For Business Processes
28:11 The Wrap-Up
29:25 What Did We Learn Today?
30:12 Closing Theme

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Try out Trello at

Look at all the stuff you can do with Apple Notes!

Chrissie uses her system to run her life and her business, Jenkintown Dance Arts.

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